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A1 · S. RABANO The path climbs up till the highest point of the Park, Poggio Lecci (417 m A.s.l.). The Abbey and the Benedictine Monastery of S. Rabano (XI century) are only a short distance away, surrounded by thick vegetation. The returning trail descends along the Western side of the hill to reach the Strada Maremma Natural Park degli Olivi (Olive Road).
A2 · THE TOWERS: The trail crosses a thick forest till it reaches the Castelmarino Tower (XII) century. The magnifi cent view overlooks the sea till it reaches the fantastic Grosseto plains and the Maremma hinterland. Once you reach the pinewood forest and after running along the old reclamation channel, you will reach the sea. Go around the Collelungo promontory and climb up to see the tower by the same name (XVI century).
A3 - THE CAVES: The itinerary starts next to the terminal section of the old Scoglietto-Collelungo channel. Once you have reached a clearing, a wooden bridge will lead you across a stream, beyond which you’ll fi nd the Cave delle Caprarecce. Go back to Collelungo coasting along the channel. Down the path there are other caves which open to the rocky walls at different heights.
A4 - CALA DI FORNO: This itinerary runs half way down the coastline along side the hills. It has breathtaking views and overlooks an area which is especially primitive and impassable. The forest sections with century old junipers are of great naturalistic value. By the end of the itinerary, the splendid Cala di Forno will award you for the “fatigue” of the long walk, offering an unforgettable view of the landscape and sea. If you trace your steps back, you will fi nd a road which deviates to the right leading you to the Collelungo beach in just a few minutes.
A5/A6 - FOREST/FAUNA: Walking with ease along the paths, you can learn about the many typical plant species of the Mediterranean bush, and look out for several families of fallow-deer where a high number of specimens were introduced to the Ucellina area about 50 years ago. In this part of the park, the beautiful cork oaks and majestic roverelle, some century old, are of great interest.
A7 - THE MOUTH OF THE RIVER OMBRONE: Walking towards the river, the Pineta Granducale (pinewood forest) leaves way to the wide marshland expansions which embrace the last section of the Ombrone river. A birdwatch stop at the observation post is defi nitely advisable. Going back to the parking space and walking along the sea it is possible to observe the effects of the erosions which have hit this coastline for years.
T1 - PUNTA DEL CORVO: Sections of gariga alternate with Mediterranean bush and a prevalence of live oak, characterizing this simple itinerary which lets you reach the Punta del Corvo crest rather quickly and without much effort. The coastline, which can be admired through the panoramic openings along the path, is breathtaking.
T2 - LE CANNELLE: The initial part of the itinerary is in common with the T1 route. On reaching the Punta del Corvo crest, the path deviates and joins up with an old customs path surrounded by rock roses and rosemary bushes before plunging into the thicket. The path leads downwards to reach the small bay of the Cannelle.
T3 - GROTTA DI STOPPA: The long itinerary leads along vast sections of the woods. Particularly interesting for botany lovers, this route offers magnifi cent panoramic views of the coast and the hills. A diversion leads to the Grotta del Brigante Stoppa.
P1 - BIRDWATCHING: The route taken, always in the company of a guide, leads into the Trappola, a particularly important marshland with vast clear water bodies, that are home to a number of species of local and migratory birds.

HOW TO VISIT THE PARK: The Park is open all year round, every day of the week. The best time to visit, both alone or in a group, with or without a guide are in the Fall, Winter and Spring. During the Summer period, laws tied to fire prevention are enforced, reason why some itineraries remain closed or open exclusively to guided tours.

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