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  Map of Geographical Areas in Maremma Toscana  
  Map of Geographical Areas in Maremma Toscana Hills and Amiata Mountains areaFollonica, Scarlino, Gavorrano areaCastiglione della Pescaia areaGrosseto and surroundings areaTalamone, Orbetello, Argentario area  

Sea and Beaches

One of the prettiest is the very white Cala Violina (Violin Creek) in Scarlino. Along with Cala di Forno in the commune of Magliano in Toscana, this won a Legambiente national award as one of Italy’s 11 most beautiful beaches. Its sand is so fine that walking along it in bare feet is said to produce a sound resembling a violin being played. Equally important are the beaches of Follonica and of course Castiglione della Pescaia in the heart of Maremma, world-famous as multi-award winning seaside resort, along with the renowned “pearls” of Punta Ala and Rocchette. Heading south there’s the sandy stretch up to the Parco Regionale della Maremma, taking in Marina di Grosseto, Principina a Mare, Marina di Alberese and Talamone to arrive the Giannella isthmus, then to the uncontaminated and uninhabited Feniglia and to the Chiarone-Capalbio VIP beach.
An incredibile range to suit all tastes, having a complete relax, exploring the Maremman sea, having an adventure…
ADVENTURE SEA Surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing or what you will. An array of exciting water sports. Pescaturismo, diving and sailing: more exciting ways of getting to know Maremma’s sea…
OSCAR-WINNING BEACHES! The numerous awards constantly assigned to the Maremma sea confirm how much importance is given to the quality of the sea and the coast. Of all the 5 Sails of the Legambiente, an extremely important award assigned every year only to 10 Italian coastal localities , the Bandiere Blu of the Fee Italia, which rewards the condition of the waters of the Italian coast, recognition that has, for years, been conferred on Marina di Grosseto and Principina a Mare, Follonica, Castiglione della Pescaia and recently also to Monte Argentario.

Parks and Natural Reserves

DIACCIA BOTRONA AND THE MULTIMEDIAL MUSEUM OF THE XIMENES HOUSE The Diaccia Botrona extends over a thousand hectares of reeds and brackish waters and is what remains of the old Lago Prile, even today wrapped in a aura of myth. In the midst rises the Casa Rossa, a construction dating back to the late ‘700 designed by Leonardo Ximenes, the mathematician and engineer who developed a sophisticated locks system for reclamation of the so-called “swamp”. This is where the Museo Multimediale stands today.
WWF OASES Within the Grosseto province, there are areas which fall within WWF conservation project: Bosco Rocconi and affiliated Oasis of Capra Matilda (Roccalbegna/Semproniano), Lago di Burano (Caplabio), Laguna di Orbetello, San Felice affiliated Oasis (Marina di Grosseto).
THE TUSCAN ARCHIPELAGO Seven main islands from Gorgona, the northernmost and the smallest, to Giannutri the southernmost. In the middle there is Capraia, Elba, Pianosa, Montecristo and Giglio.
THE AMIATA MOUNTAIN FAUNISTIC PARK The Park, managed by the Comunità Montana covers 120 hectares and is considered a true ‘Wild Park’ by experts, based on the German model. Amongst the animal species to be found: deer, fallow deer, moufflons, and some species of chamois and roe deer; it is also possible to see the Apennine wolf.
THE PARK OF THE BIANCANE Close to the centre of Monterotondo Marittimo there is a special geothermal park where certain special phenomena are seen, including the smoke holes. It owes its name to the white colour of the rocks that characterizes the entire landscape, and which is derived from the chemical reactions caused by the geothermal nature of the territory.

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